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We’re Damon Reynolds,  Dan Hurrell and Topher.

Dan and Damon started Pynk and Fluffy nine years ago because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The rest of this site bangs on about what we’ve been doing since then, but in case you fear we winked into existence fully formed, here’s a quick run down on how we’ve got to where we are.



I graduated from Bristol University in 1991 and after a brief spell in the RAC membership call centre,  transferred to their marketing team working with commercial and corporate clients.

I created the RAC print & production department in 1996 and managed the building of its fledgling online presence. When the RAC underwent a major re-branding  I saw through the implementation of the new corporate identity, working with both internal and external clients to manage the process and deliver practical creative solutions.

In 1999 I joined the innovative financial start-up Egg as Head of Design. I started its award-winning internal agency, produced its first online advertising campaign, wrote its corporate identity manual and was all-round-brand-champion and logo-cop.

I oversaw the Egg re-brand in 2002 and then became a founder of Egg’s New Concept Team, generating tactical and strategic business ideas to ensure Egg could remain the cutting edge brand it desired to be.

I left Egg in 2004 to start P&F.


By the time I graduated from the University of Gloucestershire in 1999 I had been working for a small design agency called SAS Digital for two years with clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Dairylea and Westbury Homes.

After I graduated I went to work for Orange to design their customer portal website: orange.net. After that launched I moved on to the Orange New Concept Development Team, planning the future of the Orange brand, proposition and customer experience.

In 2002 I switched telecoms for finance, joining Egg as Senior Online Designer in the Internal Agency. The next 6 months I spent working on the Egg website, developing the brand guidlines and executing Egg’s online advertising campaigns, before eventually joining Damon in his New Concept Development Team.

I moved on in the summer of 2004 and after a brief spell freelancing I thought it was time for a new challenge and teamed up with Damon again and joined P&F.



(as dictated)

Damon and his partner adopted me 3 years ago from the Labrador Lifeline Trust. I come in to the office 4 days a week and generally can be found snoring loudly under the desk. I’m in charge of HR and Health & Safety.

For the latter, I strive daily to create a varied selection of tests to ensure compliance. I love meeting new clients and will give you the Full Welcome if you drop by the office. Especially if you bring biscuits.

Come over and have a cup of coffee and a bun.
Call us: 020 7062 1122. Or, send us an email.

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