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Because we’ve been doing what we do for around 20 years, we’ve worked in lots of different areas and have the marketing, branding and web skills and experience to match. We’ve been client-side and agency-side and know how both tick.

Whilst we specialise in branding and web, we can offer clients the complete package:

Digital marketing

Digital marketing

Email marketing, Search engines, affiliate marketing, online advertising and social networks. The choice for organisations wanting to spread the word online is becoming overwhelming.

We can take you through the pros and cons of each option, work out suitable levels of spend and help you put together an activity plan. We can then design and write the creative and even manage your campaigns if you need us to.

Proposition development

Proposition development

The simplest, most brilliant ideas can be the hardest to bring to life. Our years of experience of working with start-ups means we’ve become really good at finding smart solutions to bringing novel propositions to market.

As well as giving it a good poking with a stick, we can help you shape your proposition to ensure it has the greatest possible chance to success.

Digital strategy

Digital strategy

Your customers or visitors are going to be a varied bunch. How do you know which ones to target through which mechanism? Start-up or Enterprise, if you haven’t got a limitless budget you’re going to have to make some trade-offs and compromises.

We can help you identify your most important user groups and explore ways to talk to them individually via the website, email, PR and even offline. We can suggest ways of prioritising your product promotion month by month and create tactical campaigns that you can manage on your site and through email.



Usually clients have a rough idea of what they want to say on their site and how they want it said. We can help tidy up copy, suggest marketing hooks and structure existing information so it reads well on screen.

If words are not your thing, we can take a brief and start from scratch ourselves, or recommend one of our network of copywriters such as Wendy Quantrill or Tanya Lewis.

Web hosting and set up


We can help you find a good value host for your site and email services. Whether you need a cheap and cheerful solution from 1&1 for around a fiver a month, or a fully dedicated cloud-based, multi-core megabrain* from Rackspace or Amazon, we can get you up and running quickly with no hassle.

We don’t charge any commission or additional fees, so other than the time we’ve quoted to get the hosting set up. What you see on a host’s website is the price we pass on to you.

(*Sorry, getting a bit technical there)

Search Engine Optimisation


Whilst the finer points of SEO can happily keep an entire dedicated agency in permanent employment, the basics are straightforward and simple to implement.

We design and build with SEO in mind as a matter of course, but we can also spend additional time writing or tweaking copy, ensuring links and images are correctly marked up and pages use suitable keywords. We’re also happy to take on the task of managing your site through Google Webmaster and help you set up and understand Google Analytics.

Usability and functionality

Usability and functionality

What may seem obvious to a designer or developer can get completely missed by a user. We’ve worked with a number of larger clients helping them review how their site works and then creating alternatives and improvements to put into testing and implement on their sites.

For start-ups inventing all new interface models for functionality where there’s no precedent, we can rapidly create mock-ups and prototypes designed to make the unfamiliar familiar.

Wordpress build


Currently our CMS du jour, we’ve been amazed at how WordPress has been able to take almost everything we’ve been able to throw at it to create flexible, marketing driven sites that our clients find easy to update.

If your existing site is on a bespoke or legacy CMS and you now want to move it to the system that’s powering millions of sites across the world, gives us a shout and we’ll take you through the pro and cons. We can do a straight recreation of what you’ve currently got, or take the opportunity to update and refresh the look and feel whilst keeping the content intact.

Brochures, datasheets, business cards, signage

Print and physical design

For clients who need the full brand experience, we can design business cards, letterheads, powerpoint templates and all the other stationery you might need.

We can put together a brand guide if you need to spread the brand love around to your team or other suppliers. We can do signage, vehicles, clothing, Word templates and Christmas cards.

If you need print items such as a brochure, a presentation folder, datasheets, an annual report or exhibition flyers we’ll fire up InDesign and get them turned out in next to no time.

Tree felling and garden maintenance

Tree felling

Hey, we’re a small business; there’s a recession. Whatever you want, the answer’s always Yes.

No rain forests though. The monkeys hate that.

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